PearlFlow NS

Self-Expandable Nitinol Peripheral Stent system

Challenges in Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)

• Frequent Chronic total Occlusion
• Extensive Calcification
• High Degree of Elastic Recoil
• Dynamic forces with movement

Advantages of pearflow NS:

• Greater Flexibility than SS Stent.
• Improved Redial Strength
• Ability to recover from crushing
• Reduced foreshortening

Advantage of Pull back handle

  • Easy Stent Release
  • Exact positioning
  • No Stent Jumping


  • 3 Tantalum markers per stent end.
  • High Flex stent design from 4mm to 8 mm
  • Higher radial strength 9mm to 12 mm
  • Stent length upto 100 mm

Stent : Technical Specs

Stent Design Slotted tube 3 interlinks per segment
Material Nitinol
Expansion range 4-7 mm          8mm            9-12mm
Strut thickness 210μm          230μm          230μm
Strut width (Main segment) 113μm          135μm          170μm
Strut width (Interlink) 111μm          115μm          210μm
Metal coverage 12% – 27%
Marker 3 Tantalum Marker

Catheter: Technical Specs

Usable length 85 cm / 135 cm
Shaft size 6 F
Marker band Platinum / Iridium
Recommended guide wire 0.035”

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