FlexiTrack – 018 PTA catheter

Peripheral Balloon Dilatation Catheter for Infrapopliteal arteries

Advantages of the Balloon Catheter:

• Low profile 4F and 5F system
• Atraumatic soft tip
• Balloon Length up to 150mm
• Balloon Diameter from 2.0 bis 7.0mm
• Hydrophilic coated
• Excellent pushability
• Excellent kink resistance

Designed specifically to treat Infrapopliteal Arteries:

Soft-Tip: Minimizes chances of trauma while treating infrapopliteal arteries
Wide spectrum of choice to treat long diffused lesions
Low profile catheter for “Ease of Entry”
Hydrophilic Coating for smooth entry into long lesions

Technical Specification

Usable Catheter length 85cm / 150cm
Material Balloon Polyamide
Shaft Polyamide,
Dual lumen tubing
X-ray marker Platinum-Iridium
Catheter design OTW – over the wire
Introducer set 4F (2.00mm – 5.00mm) / 5F (6.00mm – 7.00mm)
Catheter 4F (2.00mm – 5.00mm) / 5F (6.00mm – 7.00mm), low profile
Max. recommended guide wire 0.018″

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